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Ahoy there. I’m Kit Beard, and this is my blog. I’m sure you can learn all you’d ever want to by reading my reactions to things rather than just this classic “About Me” page, so I’ll just let you head back to the blog.

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  1. February 14, 2011 01:13

    I’m compiling a set of resources for people questioning their gender and whether or not their gender being what it is makes them trans. Right now I’m working on a resource list for people who aren’t binary-gendered, to possibly figure out where they fall in gender-space, and showing them that they aren’t alone and that there are trans people like them. May I link your blog for this, and do you have any posts that you think are particularly good for this?

    • March 21, 2011 15:12

      Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond to this, I took an accidental hiatus due to depression. You’re welcome to link to this blog, but I wouldn’t say it’s very good: you can probably see the number of times that I’ve actually managed to post, and the length since my last update. I don’t usually write things that are educational, but a rant that actually imparts some information about non-binary erasure is On Gender, and Giving Talks . On Feminists, and Giving Talks, the sequel, gives a bit of data on how I came to identify as trans while I look at how another person is similar to me, but has never questioned their gender. Gender, Gaming and Choice is a bit less ranty, but is more relevant to computer games than real life (but does show up nicely different companies views of the importance of gender).

      I would really recommend (with a trigger warning for self-harm and violent metaphor) Anger from JKBC. It’s a cracking trans 101 that doesn’t ignore non-binary people, doesn’t other anyone, and doesn’t tell cis people that they are needed to help in trans folks struggle.

  2. May 11, 2011 02:20

    Another wanderer! Cool!

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