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Ulp, I haven’t posted in a while…

November 29, 2010

…sorry about that.

I did think of something to post for Transgender Day of Rememberance, then realised that I was just being really depressed, and being depressed about TDoR is not a good thing for anyone.

I’ve had a lot of trouble recently with the doctor’s surgery being a bit useless. Support services keep telling me that if I’m suicidal I should speak to a doctor Right Now. It’s currently looking like I’ll have an appointment 12 days after my really worrying evenings. I’m feeling decently better now – still not at my average three weeks ago, but no-where near that bad.

So, what have I done over the last couple of weeks? Played computer games, read far too much discworld (Terry Prachett’s work is fantastic, but it does send me odd in the head), and discovered Privilege Denying Dude on tumblr. And indeed discovered tumblr in general.

My tumblr is and mostly contains items I have submitted to Privilege Denying Dude, and other things “too small to blog”.

I promise I’ll keep updating this, when I am able to write things without either bursting into tears or throwing things out windows.

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