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Catholic Terror Plot Foiled

November 5, 2010

The security services have revealed that they foiled a terrorist plot targeting King James when he was partaking in the State Opening of Parliament on 05/11/05. A gang of 13 Catholics, recruited by the known extremist Sir Robert Catesby, had planned to cause a large explosion underneath the House of Lords.

After an anonymous tip-off, a man claiming to be called John Johnson was found in one of the cellars underneath the House of Lords. These were available for hire, and in this case one had been hired and filled with gunpowder and firewood. John Johnson was arrested, and in a confession revealed his name was actually Guido Fawkes, and he was a weapons expert trained in Spain.

His confession gave details of the other plotters, and they were pursued to their safe-house in Staffordshire. In the resulting incident, many of the plotters died, and in total 8 of the plotters were arrested. They were brought back to London and tried, all being executed at the end of January.

Commentators have been worried about the nature of these trials. It is widely believed that Guido Fawkes was tortured, and his ill state at his execution has done nothing to stem these worries. The speed at which the remaining conspirators were captured has led some to say that the government already knew their identities, and the plot was in fact entirely orchestrated to increase anti-catholic sentiment. Reports have indicated that the gunpowder was only discovered on the second search of the basements, and the security services claim that the plotters dug a tunnel that has not been discovered.

One person, who wishes not to be named, stated “This is a typical act of the government. It is causing disagreement, argument and antagonism amongst the working class, in order to prevent them seeing their true oppressors, the state.”

King James was unavailable for comment.

Kit Beard, Historical Correspondent

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